The ankle boots everybody wants

Hey Gorgeous,

El invierno llega y nos trae un regalo de navidad adelantado, el poder de los botines algo esta temporada con toda la actitud y miles de combinaciones y estilos. les dare una pequeña lista de los que mas me encantaron <3, desde los mas económicos, hasta por los que  daría todo por tener en mi armario.


this winter is all about the ankle boots and the million possibilities to incorporate them in you’re looks are astronomical, I found some that i absolutely love and the budget can be as low or as high as you guys want.

Which one you love the most?


Christian Louboutin,(every girl should have a pair of Louboutin in their closets) $1,195

Mango, (don’t worry it’s no real skin) $80

Pierre Hardy (I love this model), $429


Zara $139 I actually just could find them online

Top Shop $180


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