Armani is Life

“I decided to call it Silos because this building used to store food, which is, of course, essential for life. For me, just as much as food, clothes are also a part of life.” Giorgio Armani

One of the best days in Milano has to be this one!, I was literally hours in this place  looking at every piece like it was art, cuz at the end of the day thats how I see it, every single thread, button, inspiration, comes together as piece of art!

“Decidí llamarlo Silos debido a este edificio fue utilizado para almacenar alimentos, que es, por supuesto, esencial para la vida. Para mí, como los alimentos, la ropa es gran parte de la vida.” Giorgio Armani

Sin dudarlo, este fue uno de mejores días en Milano!, estuve horas en este lugar observando cada pieza como si fuera arte, porque al final del día eso es como lo veo, cada hilo, botón, inspiración, se unen para formar una increíble obra de arte!

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    1. I know!! i was there like 4-5 hours just looking at them, they don’t let you touch but you can actually get so close you can see the stitching

    1. thanks gorgeous, don’t worry Ill keep posting 🙂 Im so happy you liked it take a look at the 2 other posts from Milano

      Loves xo

    1. Hope you get to see it, is a huge museum, all Armani and the best part is they are not caged behind glass, so you can actually get as close as you want !!

      Loves xo

    1. I went nuts when I saw it like every single stitch follows the pattern & they have a great film on the last floor that takes you in to the Armani World

      Loves xo

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