Crazy days in Amsterdam

First conclusion we came to is: Amsterdam is waaaaaay more than just the Red Light District, there is  actually a really beautiful city out side the center. Sadly I didnt get to see, Andy Torres, walking down the street but it was great to see friends and explore this city.

Primera conclusión en cuanto llegamos: Amsterdam es muchísimo mas que el Red Light District, en realidad existe una muy bella ciudad a paso del centro. Por desgracia no vi, Andy Torres, caminando por la calle, pero fue genial ver a mis amigos y explorar esta ciudad.

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1st Stop – Bruxelles

“A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.” – Lao Tzu

After a really crazy moment at the airport we were finally sitting in our plane seats! I was so exited for this trip and everything that came with it, you’ll soon understand what I mean,  but I assure you, this is not something you get to have often in life! 

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#TB V-day Trip


Hi Everyone,

I know its been a really  long time with out  posting, but so many things  have happened  in my life  for the past few months, that I had to take a step back & do some major decision making, now im back ready to tell you all about it!

Almost 2 months  have past since  Vday, but I must tell you about this

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